I've started teaching myself Haskell. It's quite a bit different from any procedural language I know and it's starting to make my brain hurt (which is kind of the idea). I'm keeping my list of Haskell resources (in no particular order) and observations here.

Thus far it's quite a different mindset from procedural (C, C++, Pascal, etc) languages.

I initially started using the Haskell Platform download from haskell.org but ran into some issues when I started using cabal. It was kind of a pain to have stuff installed all over the place - I use MacPorts for most UNIX related stuff, and having Haskell install various bits in /Library/Haskell and $HOME/Library/Haskell was kind of annoying. That and I like to have everything non-standard in /opt, so I switched to using the Haskell Platform provided by MacPorts. It's one version older but since I'm very much at the beginning of the learning curve, I doubt it makes much difference to me. (And I doubt I'd even notice the difference.)

BUT- I started having problems using cabal to install Haskell packages, the sort-of preferred method for doing such things. It should be noted that cabal isn't really a "package manager" - it will do some dependency checking and such but it will not, for example, uninstall a package.

Please check out my List of Haskell Books for some comments on what I've been using to climb the learning curve.