Random videos made and found. Most videos shot with a GoPro HD Hero 2 in 1080p/30fps, then run through iMovie with no real processing or anything.

Time-Lapse Demolition

We're in the process of building a new garage. First, we needed to remove the old one. Some time-lapse videos of the demolition:

Day 1. Hand-demolition of the roof and some other stuff.

Day 2. Machines!

Day 3. Cleanup.

Construction will apparently take a couple of months - I'll have to think about how to do a consistent time-lapse of that.

June 21 - Last Robin pics

First, a still of Momma Bird, yelling at me:

June 21 Pissed Momma Bird

And the hatchlings, getting bigger:

June 19 & 20

Combined post - flaked yesterday's post.

June 18

Growing fast. The beak seems to grow faster than anything else, or maybe it just seems that way because it's visible and yellow.

June 17

All four hatched. I think those are egg shells in the nest. One of them looks like it already has some dark "plumage" showing - maybe it's the oldest.

June 16 - Morning


June 15 - Afternoon

Hatchling #4 on the way.

June 15 - Morning Report

Three hatchlings this morning. Not sure what's up with egg number 4. Got a shot of momma bird (might be daddy now that the hatching is mostly done) diving at me. At least my camera is in a strong housing.

June 14 - HATCHING!

BABY BIRDS! Two of 'em, and a third one on the way - you can see a hole in the egg. COOL!

And about an hour later, the third one is out, and they're HUNGRY:

June 13

Any day now…