Parts, Motor Mount, Servos

Parts! Parts have arrived! I reviewed my parts inventory with the video recently put up on Brooklyn Aerodrome's site for the MakerShed kit available soon. Looks like mine match more or less, except the motor mount, which I will have to figure out.


For the motor mount, I started the build using the design from an earlier towel video that used the coroplast deck folded over. Unfortunately this didn't fit the motor mounting bracket:

Bad motor mount fit

I didn't have any right angle aluminum stock as described in the Make article, but I did have an altoids tin and some tin snips:

Altoids mount

After taping it up with duct tape, marking and drilling, it came out like this:

Drilled mount

It should be at least as strong as the coroplast mount, but probably not as strong as an extruded aluminum mount. We shall see. Anyway, on to mounting the servos:

Mounted left servo
Mounted right servo

One of these days I'm going to have to find out how to arrange pictures side-by-side in Sandvox. Sandvox is like a lot of WYSIWYG apps - easy to put simple stuff together but once you want to go outside of its box just a little, it starts to get pissy. There's probably a way to do it, but one thing at a time.