This past Christmas my mother-in-law brought a recipe from the NY Times food section for Bagels. It called for diastatic malt powder as a crucial ingredient. After searching high and low at several snooty grocery stores, I finally just gave up.

Then, a few weeks ago, a fellow foodie on one of the mailing lists I frequent pointed me at a Modernist Cuisine recipe for Mashed Potatoes. I'm a fan of Modernist Cuisine, owning the "At Home" version. Anyway, the recipe calls for diastase, which is - wait for it - diastatic malt powder! Well, this was just too much, so I finally ordered some from the King Arthur Flour website. (I only use King Arthur Flour, and I recommend you do too.) I wonder if they do endorsements…

And to satisfy the obligatory "pics or it didn't happen":

King Arthur Diastase.jpg

Yeah, I know, the image is on its side. Sandvox doesn't let you rotate an image (and yes, it's correctly oriented when I open it in other apps.) Not completely satisfied with Sandvox.

At any rate, coming soon - bagels a la NY Times.